Thomas Kinkade Serigraph wins SIGA Expo Gold Award


The Thomas Kinkade Company’s “Snow White Discovers the Cottage” Serigraph wins the Gold Award at the SGIA Expo International Golden Image competition.  More than 66 companies from around the world entered the competition submitting a total of 353 prints in 50 product categories.  This years event was one of the most challenging in recent history.  Prints are judged on the level of difficulty and quality of execution.  Serigraphs are considered to be original art because each one is created individually.  Over 80 screens were needed to complete the Snow White Serigraph.  The company produced a total of only 550 serigraphs in the 18″x 27″ size.  We have number 49 SN in the Gallery…In addition to being a beautiful piece of art, it is also truly collectible because it is the First Serigraph from the Thomas Kinkade Company and it is of the First painting in Thom’s Disney Dreams Collection.  For more details on Serigraphs go to our blog at:

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