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Art Collectors Extraordinaire- Herbert and Dorothy Vogel

A great story about the passion of art…Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, a retired postal worker and librarian, are among America’s foremost collectors of Conceptual and Minimalist art. They lived in a one bedroom apartment in New York and for decades amassed a collection of art worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

About 15 years ago they announced plans to begin donating art from their collection of nearly 5000 pieces.  The program was called “Fifty Works for Fifty States” and the Birmingham Museum of Art was the recipient of art donated from this program.

For the full story on the Vogels:

New and Old from artist Thomas Kinkade – “Old Watchmaker”

Something new but also something from the past with this new painting from Thomas Kinkade.  And both are something unexpected from the normal scope of the artist’s work.  Thom’s portrait work was very limited and confined mainly to his early years as an artist and a student at UC Berkeley, where he painted portraits of his friends. Other than “Prince of Peace” this is the only portrait published by the artist and perhaps is an essential painting for any Thomas Kinkade collection.

In the “Old Watchmaker”, Kinkade captures the master craftsman.  The Watchmaker in his twilight years, seems to b viewing the newly completed timepiece and reflecting on the learned skill that perhaps became extinct with his generation.


Artists Notes:

As a mature artist, I seldom paint portraits, preferring to consider human personality through its cultural expressions – home, family, village scenes, and cityscapes.

But character studies like “Old Watchmaker” confirm that this was not always the case.  Early in my career, I was fascinated by intimate descriptions of the human spirit – much in the manner of my artistic heros Titian and Rembrandt.

My “Old Watchmaker,” painted in oil when I was in my early twenties and just learning my craft, is a warm portrayal of a human type that was dear to my painter’s heart, but remote from my world – the master European craftsman.  The watchmaker’s patient skill is inscribed in his careworn, wrinkled face, in the intense concentration of his gaze, in his wonderful, supple-strong hands.  This is a man whose diligence and steadfast character has allowed him to endure the many obstacles he has faced in life.

In this tribute to the watchmaker, I think that I anticipate the depth of my developing commitment to my own craft.  Like the “Old Watchmaker,” I somehow knew that God lives in the details, and that as scripture affirms, it is good to work well with one’s hands.


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Old Masters to Monet Art Exhibit / Mississippi Museum of Art



Want a great art experience and see first hand the original paintings that birthed the French Impressionist movement?  Then you will not want to miss the “Old Masters to Monet” art exhibit at the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson, MS March 23 to September 8, 2013.

Old Masters to Monet features
fifty masterpieces from the collection of the Wadsworth Atheneum in
Hartford, Connecticut. The outstanding artworks provide a history of
French painting, ranging from the 17th through the 19th centuries and
into the beginning of the 20th century and include religious and
mythological subjects, portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and genre
scenes. Théodore Géricault, Eugène Delacroix, Edgar Degas, Camille
Pissarro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paul Cézanne, Vincent van Gogh, Henri
de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Claude Monet are among the masters represented.

Admission to the exhibition is $12 adults, $10 seniors, $6 students (includes admission to Symbols of Faith, Home, and Beyond: The Art of Theora Hamblett). Free for Museum members and children under 5. Group tours are available. Schedule a group tour here or call 601-960-1515. More information about programming and special events related to Old Masters to Monet coming soon.

This exhibition was organized by the
Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, CT, and is supported by an
indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities. The
Mississippi Museum of Art and its programs are sponsored in part by the
city of Jackson and the Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau.
Support is also provided in part by funding from the Mississippi Arts
Commission, a state agency, and in part by the National Endowment for
the Arts, a federal agency.


Old Masters to Monet is made possible through the generous support of the
Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation.



How do you measure the value of art…and why you should collect it.

How do you determine the value of art?  Is it more than monetary?

A wise old art collector once said: “what does it matter if my children inherit a few digits less, if I leave them the art that touched my soul?  What was
important to me will remain in their homes all their lives.  I know of no greater gift.

Art does touch the soul and gives its owners a lifetime of enjoyment.  Quality art collected over one’s lifetime more or less chronicles that life and marks its memorable moments.  Art not only brings enjoyment, it also generates memories of places visited or wished to be visited, stories of how the art was obtained.  And when art is passed to the next owner its linage continues for the next generation.  Art creates a sense of place and reveals our

And through it all an appreciation for art is gained, a life is enhanced by the talents that God has given those He has created.  Art has existed
throughout the history of man and yet new art is still being created.  Man continues to create something revolutionary, something new, not yet
created. Something new that touches the soul!  And so, the searching, the passion for collecting art continues over a lifetime.

The true value of art is much more than just it’s monetary value, and that is why you should collect it.  Not only will your life be enhanced, it is also
something to be handed off to inspire the next generation; something that will define the past as well as be enjoyed for the next lifetime.

So collect art that you like; that says something to you and about you.  Collect art that is creative and well composed.  Collect art that will last a lifetime and that you can see enhancing someone else’s life long after you are gone.  And collect quality art from a quality art gallery.

by Robert Holder

Insky’s Art, Birmingham, AL

Take a fresh look at life through the eyes, and Art, of Emery Franklin

Take a unique look at life through the eyes, and paintings, of Memphis artist Emery Franklin 

The subject matter for Emery’s art varies from landscapes to portraits;
from folk art to impressionism. His fresh perspective and unique use of
color separates his art from the mundane and makes it very
collectible. American Art Collector magazine recognized Emery as one of 5
up and coming artists in the Southeast in their February 2012 issue.

Experience Emery’s art in our Gallery…you just might find yourself making one of his paintings a part of your life!


Emery   Franklin grew up in an impoverished area in South Memphis. The youngest  of six children, he always aspired to be an artist. His first realization of his artistic talent was realized when he attended Vance Junior High School in Memphis. His art teacher would assign him projects  to create drawings and paintings that were used to teach his classmates  the techniques and skills of creating art.

Throughout   Emery’s years of drawing and painting, his artwork has become an  expression of his rich cultural heritage. There are certain principles  that Emery has carried throughout his life that have greatly influenced his work. He believes God has guided his hands, as he always prays  before starting each new creation. His family values are deeply rooted  in religion, trust, and honesty.

Emery  has always felt he needed to give something back to the community. He  feels that young people need a positive role model, so he likes to spend  time motivating and encouraging youths by setting a positive example  for them. With this type of enthusiasm, they realize all their dreams  are reachable with prayer and dedication. As an artist, he loves to draw  and paint beautiful people and places that touch the heart and soul of  the collector. .

Robert Holder, Owner

‘Crimson Dominance’ Univ of Alabama’s 14th National Championship painting Original Sketch

We have on display and available for purchase, the original color
working sketch for Rick Rush’s painting celebrating the University of
Alabama’s 14th National Championship game against LSU. The title of the
painting is “Crimson Dominance”.  The sketch is framed along with the
artist’s hand written comments and notes for the painting.  It is priced
at $6,500 and the price includes an 18″x27″ unframed limited edition
#30, canvas giclee print of the finished painting.

Rick Rush is the authorized sports artist for the University of Alabama
and was named Sports Artist of the Year in 2011. This piece of art is
definitely a one of a kind collectible and would make a great addition
to any collection of Alabama sports / football art.

See it in the Gallery!

The powerful art of Gladys Morante’s Horses

“There is something about the outside of a Horse that is good for the inside of man”  This quote from Winston Chruchill is truly illustrated in the powerful art of Gladys Morante’s horses.  Her paintings are characterized by a sense of majesty and motion as she captures the sheer power, grace and magnificence of the horse.


Gladys Morante was born in Peru in 1963.  She was born the daughter of a
professional jockey who was obsessed with the world of horse racing.
At the age of 14 Gladys met a horse portrait painter with whom she
developed a strong and lasting friendship.  It was working as his
apprentice that her talents were immediately recognized.  She joined the
School of Arts and graduated with honors.

One can almost hear the thunder of the galloping and delight in the
playfulness of the animals.  Her paintings are full of intense emotion
yet at the same time are a loving and tender tribute.  Painting horses
is the life work of Gladys Morante.  She approaches the subject matter
of her paintings with a deep sense of reverence and respect.

We are honored to represent the art of Gladys Morante and display it in our gallery


“Sunset Cove” New Painting from artist Abraham Hunter

The ideal lakeside retreat is in the mind and imagination of
all of us!  We all wish for that perfect sunset at the
end of a long day of fun and adventure in the great
outdoors. As an artist, I have one of the best imaginations!
Its constantly spinning new ideas and visions of
that distant dream house or cabin. A place of peace and joy. A
place to share special moments with your loved one
or just adventure off and enjoy time by yourself. Its a place
like this where some of the best memories of a lifetime can be made.

And I thank God every day that I have the amazing job of
sharing these places of my imagination with you! Its
late fall in this painting. There’s a chill in the air, but
the sun still warms your face. You can almost hear the
whistle of wings as a mallard pair come in to stay the
night.  So walk across the creek, have a seat, and absorb the
last moments of daylight. Soon it will be time to
retreat back into the warmth of the cabin, relax by the
fireplace and then doze off to sleep. Rest well, cause
it will be another fun day tomorrow! I hope you all enjoy Sunset Cove!
Abraham Hunter Biography
Artist Abraham Hunter
Abraham Hunter said that he first began
to realize that God had given him a talent at 12 years old. At 14, he
began to hone his skills and pursue his artistic talent as a career.
Over the past 4 years. Abraham has been amazed at how much success he
has managed to achieve. He attributes this success to his faith in God and the support of family and friends.

Being self-taught, it was hard at first since there are no wildlife
artists in his home area nor did anyone else in his family have any
artistic gifts. But by studying nature first hand, and using reference
photos, Abraham was able to improve without any tutoring at all.

Abraham works in oil, acrylic and occasionally watercolor and strives
for extreme photorealism most of the time because he feels it properly
honors God’s handiwork by showing all the intricate details. He often
portrays somewhat “utopia” like scenes because he likes to imagine what
it would have been like in the Garden of Eden and wants his viewers to
have an encounter with a world lacking of death and turmoil. “I think we
get far more fulfillment from that rather than the intense drama of
life and death, predator and prey, which we struggle through here on
If there is one thing I want to capture in my work and be able to share
it with my collectors, it would be the abundance and beauty that I enjoy
from a close relationship with Jesus Christ and an awe for His
marvelous creation.
“When someone looks at my paintings, I want them to feel as if they are
right there witnessing first hand what the scene is depicting. I want
them to feel the peace, comfort and joy that I experience when I’m
studying the outdoors. I also want it to be a time for them to reflect
on the beauty of God’s many blessings that seem to go mostly unnoticed
in our busy world.”