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artnet data shows Global art market boom continues


The global art market continues to experience strong growth and wanted to pass along some information on the current state of the global market and the top 10 artists in global sales.  Hope you will  find it interesting



Art Collectors Extraordinaire- Herbert and Dorothy Vogel

A great story about the passion of art…Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, a retired postal worker and librarian, are among America’s foremost collectors of Conceptual and Minimalist art. They lived in a one bedroom apartment in New York and for decades amassed a collection of art worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

About 15 years ago they announced plans to begin donating art from their collection of nearly 5000 pieces.  The program was called “Fifty Works for Fifty States” and the Birmingham Museum of Art was the recipient of art donated from this program.

For the full story on the Vogels:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/abigailesman/2012/07/22/great-american-art-collector-herbert-vogel-dies/