Village Castle UF RS

Thomas Kinkade Original Paintings for Sale

Two original paintings by artist Thomas Kinkade are now available for sale by Insky’s Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Birmingham, AL.


“Portrait of a Woman” 5″x 7″ oil on canvas board, painted early in Thom’s artistic career. This painting is unique as Thom painted very few portraits and very few are in private hands.

Village Castle UF RS

“Village Castle Wales” 8″x 10″ oil on canvas board

Village Castle Wales was painted on location during Thom’s trip with his Dad and brother, Patrick Kinkade, retracing the journey of their father in Europe during World War II.  The trip was chronicled by Patrick in a book, “Chasing the Horizon”.  The ruins of Castle Llawhaden can be found in the Wales village of Llawhaden and the painting is featured in the book on page 58.  A copy of the book will accompany the painting. 

For complete information on these two rare original works go to

Contact the Gallery at 205-733-4893 for purchase information





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