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Thomas Kinkade Vault

TK Valult logoThomas Kinkade was constantly immersed in the work that he loved. Working daily on sketches, charcoal drawings, the laying in of color and elements for future studio releases, and detailed rendering of artwork in progress, Kinkade was incessantly creating new works of majestic beauty that spoke to the great themes of life. Using a variety of mediums, from oils to acrylic to pastels and watercolors, Thom produced an immense collection of ideas, works in progress and completed artwork.
Kinkade was also a writer, poet and photographer. The author of numerous books, he wrote extensively in journals and private papers, while his photographs captured not only the story of his life, but also the story of the beauty he saw in the world that he would later recreate on canvas.
All of Thom’s artwork, writings and photographs were stored in a vault in his private studio, known as IvyGate. Immensely personal and private, The Vault has only been opened and fully explored by the family and trustees of estate in the time since Thom’s passing.
The Thomas Kinkade Family Trust is committed to continuing to share Thom’s vision and work through the ongoing release of this extensive collection under the name, The Thomas Kinkade Vault. By releasing this historic collection, along with unfinished artwork and projects that will be brought to completion by his very own studio, these images and ideas created by Thomas Kinkade, will continue to affirm Thom’s message of hope… lighting the way for generations to come.