How to Hang a Painting

Hanging art, especially a painting can be very intimidating with all that has to be considered to do it correctly:  How high should the art be hung; what are the proper type of hangers needed to support the art; what tools will be needed; how do I hang a grouping of several paintings, etc.

How To Hang a Painting Graphic

Well, we have recently discovered an excellent guide of step by step instructions for hanging a painting from the Xanadu Gallery in Phoenix, AZ, and wanted to pass it along to our readers.  Just click the graphic above to open a pdf version of the guide.  Hope you will find it helpful.

Please note as well that Insky’s Thomas Kinkade Gallery offers no charge hanging service to our collectors.  We also offer free delivery and in-home showings.  We hope you will take advantage of these services.

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Robert Holder

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