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Emery Franklin

Emery FranklinEmery Franklin grew up in an impoverished area in South Memphis. The youngest of six children, he always aspired to be an artist. His first realization of his artistic talent was realized when he attended Vance Junior High School in Memphis. His art teacher would assign him projects to create drawings and paintings that were used to teach his classmates the techniques and skills of creating art.

Throughout Emery’s years of drawing and painting, his artwork has become an expression of his rich cultural heritage. There are certain principles that Emery has carried throughout his life that have greatly influenced his work. He believes God has guided his hands, as he always prays before starting each new creation. His family values are deeply rooted in religion, trust, and honesty.

Emery has always felt he needed to give something back to the community. He feels that young people need a positive role model, so he likes to spend time motivating and encouraging youths by setting a positive example for them. With this type of enthusiasm, they realize all their dreams are reachable with prayer and dedication. As an artist, he loves to draw and paint beautiful people and places that touch the heart and soul of the collector. He would like to invite each and every person who views his art to step into the painting and relive a past experience or enjoy a brand new one.

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